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Passi HealthCom – The MedComm spearhead & crusader since 1990

Carrying On The Legacy Of Ethical & Evidence-based Medical Communication

Leading, inventing & re-inventing medical contents from concept to objective fulfillment; a progressive organization in Healthcare Communications since 1990, Passi HealthCom is engaged in diverse activities such as publishing, advertising, customized solutions, patient education, CMEs, seminars and physical & virtual interactions.

 We are committed to improving the health and quality of human life by building and disseminating updated ethical & scientific information to the healthcare community.

  • CME & Excellence Programs
  • Customized Projects
  • Dental Books & Journals
  • Drug Index & Dental Index
  • Drug Interaction Series
  • Films
  • Launch Campaign
  • LBLs
  • Medical Books
  • Medical & Dental Quiz
  • Medicine Update
  • Mobile Apps
  • Multimedia
  • Pack Designs / Inlay Cards
  • Patient Education
  • Posters
  • Quintessence International
  • Visual Aids